Meet Chris Conlee

I’m a husband, father, leader, pastor, coach, consultant, author, and speaker dedicated to going the extra mile to prove love works.

Lead Pastor - One City Church

In August 2020, God called Chris and Karin back to Memphis to plant One City Church. Truly believing God wants to bring revival to this city and it takes ONE person at a time to change ONE city at a time.

Author, Consultant, Speaker

Chris regularly teaches leadership seminars, retreats, and conferences for churches, non-profits, and CEO Peer Advisory Groups. His wife, Karin Conlee, is also a gifted leader, speaker, and author. Chris and Karin love opportunities to teach together, especially on the following topics: Devotional Life, Leadership, Discipleship, Marriage, Parenting, and Overcoming Adversity.

His book, Priority Time: Addicted to God’s Word, has revolutionized people’s understanding of how to have a “devotional time,” and is a valuable resource for anyone who desires to spend time with God daily through the Word and in prayer.

Chris’s second book, LoveWorks: The Key to Making Life Work helps us shift from knowing more to loving more. With powerful real-life examples, he shows that only love covers a multitude of sins, only love never fails, and only love works.

Founding Pastor of Highpoint Church

Chris and Karin Conlee started Highpoint Church in 2002. It quickly became known as a perfect place for imperfect people. Perhaps that’s one of the primary reasons it grew to average over 4,500 people in three locations every weekend under Chris and Karin’s eighteen years of leadership.

Going the extra mile to prove LOVE WORKS

The back story

How it all started

Imagine what happens inside you when your family suffers through divorce multiple times, drugs countless times, death at the wrong time, and defeat all the time. Given these circumstances, most people talk about what didn’t work. Chris’s story defies the odds as he turns negatives into positives, relentlessly pursuing a life that proves love works, life works, leadership works, and legacy works.

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