LoveWorks: The Key to Making Life Work

What’s the biggest problem in our lives? The one that lies beneath every other problem we have? Love is broken. The thing we want to work the most is working the least–and there’s a ripple effect in every area of our lives. Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter what is working when love isn’t working?


Success in other areas of our lives will never compensate for failing at love.

In Love Works, I will guide you through how the four major commandments of Jesus–the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, the New Commandment, and the Golden Rule–aren’t about intellectual depth, they’re about relational depth. When our focus shifts from knowing more to loving more, everything changes for us and for those we love. With powerful real-life examples, Conlee shows that only love covers a multitude of sins, only love never fails, and only love works. Anyone looking for a positive way to impact their relationships and their world will cherish this hope-filled and inspiring book.